Progression Levels

A clear progression of Levels 1-6 is linked to cognitive and physical development in each age group. A placement class is required for new students before beginning any of the Levels 1-6. Students already enrolled in San Jose Dance Theatre will receive notice of possible progression to the next level at the end of San Jose Dance Theatre’s academic semesters and summer intensive.

Grown Up & Men (approximate age 2-3)

Grown Up & Me 

Pre-­Ballet (approximate age 3-6)

Pre-Ballet I & II introduces children to the art of ballet by promoting the exploration of creativity and expression through movement. These classes will help young children learn left from right and develop their motor skills, coordination, attention and listening skills expected in the classroom. It will also help develop their musicality. Basic ballet terms will be covered which provides a foundation for the continued study in San Jose Dance Theatre’s Levels 1-6.

Props will be used to enhance the learning experience. Class sizes are kept small to assure plenty of individual attention for our youngest dancers.

Pre-Ballet I is ideal for ages 3-4 and is an introduction to ballet for the young mind and body. Students meets once a week for a 45 minute ballet class.


Pre-Ballet II is ideal for ages 5-6 and best for those with experience in a classroom environment. Pre-Ballet II is an hour long ballet class with the option of taking Chinese Tumbling afterwards (at no additional cost). 


Level 1 (approximate age 6­‐8)

Level 1 trains 1x per week.

Classes include: Ballet and Conditioning

NOTE: Level 1 students have the option of attending class on either Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Level 2 (approximate age 7­‐9)

Level 2 trains 2x per week.

Classes include: Ballet and Conditioning

Level 2 dancers must attend Tuesday and Saturday classes.

Level 3 (approximate age 8­‐10, by discretion of the Artistic Director)

Level 3 trains 3x per week.

Classes include: Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Conditioning, and Contemporary

Level 4 (approximate age 9­‐11, by discretion of the Artistic Director)

Level 4 trains 4x per week.

Classes include: Ballet, Pointe, Conditioning, and Contemporary


Pointe work is undertaken when the student has learned basic technique and when her legs and feet are sufficiently developed, usually after a minimum of three years in ballet technique classes. Students are promoted to pointe only when the Artistic Director and the student’s ballet teacher deem it safe and appropriate. It is an exciting promotion for all female ballet dancers!

Level 5 (approximate age 12 and up, company level by discretion of the Artistic Director)

Level 5 trains 5x per week. Classes include: Ballet, Pointe, Repertory, Conditioning, Contemporary, and Pas de Deux

Level 6 (approximate age 12 and up, company level by discretion of the Artistic Director)

Company level 6 is a rigorous training program in which students train intensely 5x week. Classes include: Ballet, Pointe, Repertory, Conditioning, Contemporary, Pilates/Yoga (in the summer Jazz and Ballet Education, too.)

About "The Company" Dancers

Level 5 and 6 dancers are considered company members of San Jose Dance Theatre. They receive training in ballet classes and pointe classes six days a week, and Pas de Deux classes, Pilates, Contemporary, and Chinese Tumbling classes once per week and they receive excellent performing opportunities year round. Company dancers perform leading roles in the Nutcracker and Spring Performances and represent San Jose Dance Theatre in the Youth Grand Prix America (YAGP), and performances in the community. Under the artistic direction of Linda Hurkmans, San Jose Dance Theatre’s company dancers have performed at The Montalvo Arts Center Carriage House, Santana Row’s Tree Lighting Event, San Jose’s Christmas in the Park, San Francisco Movement Arts Festival, SjDANCE Co Festival, and have collaborated with the Foothill College Dance Department, Margaret Wingrove Dance Company, and for the international star and Italian tenor seen on PBS specials, Pasquale Esposito.