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San Jose Dance Theatre Academy welcomes you to schedule a Placement Class throughout the year. Placement Classes are offered to dancers of all ages at various times during the week at our ballet San Jose studio. Please contact us to arrange your Placement Class. We can’t wait to meet you!

Directions and Map to our San Jose Ballet Studio

From 880 you exit east on Bascom, Alameda, or Coleman, depending on where the traffic starts backing up.

  • Left at Hedding.
  • Left at San Pedro Street (before First). At this point on, traffic will be light any time of the day.
  • Right at Younger.
  • Left at 7th.
  • Right at Commercial.
  • Left at 10th.
  • Left at Old Bayshore.
  • Right at Queens.
  • Left at Rogers.
  • Right at Junction. After Junction bears left, take the first right into the driveway past the tile store.
  • Coming from 87, take the Taylor exit, turning right then first left at San Pedro.
  • In light traffic, on 880 take the Gish exit instead of Brokaw.  Then you turn left at Old Bayshore and continue on the route above.  This avoids two left turns at Brokaw.
  • In light traffic, on 87 go all the way to Skyport, left at First, right at Brokaw, right at Junction.
  • During rush hour on 101 from the Peninsula, go North on Trimble instead of south on De La Cruz.
  • If you are coming down Central Expressway then turn left at De La Cruz that becomes Trimble.
  • Right at Junction, last street before Montague Expressway.
  • If traffic gets congested on Trimble, you can take a right on any of the three streets before Junction, that is Orchard Parkway, First, or Zanker, and then take a left at Charcot and right at Junction.
Getting to the studio from Mountain View while avoiding southbound rush hour traffic on 101 or Central. 
  • Take Central (or 101) to Fair Oaks. 
  • Exit Central, turn right onto Fair Oaks.  Travel 2 blocks to the light at Kirby (faces the corner of Home Depot parking lot on your left). 
  • Turn left, onto Kirby.  (“Kirby” becomes “Walsh” during this trip.)  Continue on Kirby/Walsh until you cross San Tomas.  Take the first right turn after San Tomas (a short 200 feet) onto Martin. 
  • Follow Martin for a block which then turns 90 degrees south, toward the airport again. 
  • Take Martin (crossing Scott, then Lafayette) until you can turn left onto De La Cruz.  Pass over 101 where the street becomes Trimble. 
  • For a little fun, find the life-sized metal Wooly Mammoth sculpture visible from Trimble. 
  • Follow Trimble past First then Zanker streets. 
  • TURN at the light onto Junction Street (don’t miss the turn, Trimble traffic becomes horrible approaching 880). Follow Junction to the studio.