COVID Pre-Screening - SJDT Health Status Report Form

COVID Pre-Screening - SJDT Health Status Report Form

Safety is our number one priority!

San Jose Dance Theatre is very excited to be able to reopen after the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have taken every action to ensure our students, staff and community are entering a safe environment upon return. 

We have fulfilled all county and state requirements for reopening and below have provided a snapshot at some of the things we are doing to keep you safe.

Below is also the Santa Clara Site-Specific Protection Plan as well as our new SJDT Covid-19 waiver for review and return and reopening guidelines. We understand that officials may be adding or easing requirements as it is a fluid situation and parents should check often for any changes in our requirements.

Health Status Check Self-Reporting

What are we doing to keep you safe

  • We will be asking parents to fill out a health check form each day confirming their child does not exhibit symptoms of illness before allowing children into program
  • We will be asking staff to fill out a health check form each day confirming they do not exhibit symptoms of illness before coming to work.
  • We will take temperatures of all children, staff each day.
  • We will be increasing our hand washing schedule to include 20 second handwashing for all participants and staff before program, between each activity,  at minimum.
  • Face coverings will be asked of all staff and participants while program hours are running. They will not be allowed to enter the building without masks or face coverings.
  • We will provide signs related to healthy habits throughout program.
  • We will be sending home guidance from the CDC regarding safe health procedures to our families during program.
  • Social distancing will be practiced at all times – In studios and at the Barre (set up space for social distancing)
  • Groups will be limited to 10-12 students, depending on age
  • Groups will not interact with each other throughout the day
  • We will not be holding any full class activities
  • Staff will be assigned to specific group and will not interact with other groups to the best of our ability.
  • A medical isolation space will be established for any child or staff that is feeling ill and in process to be picked up.
  • Parents will be required to arrange a pick up within 1 hour of being contacted their child is not feeling well.
  • All activities will be individual based or adjusted for safe interactions following social distancing rules.
  • Staff will monitor health by doing visual health checks of children and staff throughout the day.
  • We have increased our cleaning schedule to wipe down surfaces throughout the day and at minimum, all surfaces will be cleaned
    • Before program
    • Between activities
    • After pick up
  • We will minimize shared equipment as much as possible. When sharing is necessary, equipment will be cleaned between each use
  • Equipment will be assigned to a child and sanitized after use
  • Activities will be adjusted for non-touch.
  • Backpacks will be kept with separation from other children’s items
  • We ask that dancers to come to class with no more than what they need for the day.
  • Bathrooms will be wiped down after use
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at all time
  • Gloves to be worn during cleaning