Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) Class

Progressing Ballet Technique, or PBT Class, is a revolutionary program designed to enhance ballet technique by specializing in muscle memory, enhancing flexibility, and using dance medicine and exercises to prevent injury. 

PBT has a gradual approach with very specific exercises and repetitions adequate for each dance level. Based in dance medicine and how the body works, this program helps dancers to understand which muscle groups take part in each movement.

Students must commit to four classes at a time, to reap the full benefits of the program and to see how the classes progress.

Find more info about class equipment online here.

PBT Pic small
PBT Exercise Ball Background

Students will learn:

Materials Required:

PBT Class Package

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  • $100 for 4 Classes (Non-SJDT Student Rate)
  • $80 for 4 Classes (SJDT Student Rate)