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About San Jose Dance Theatre's Summer Intensive:

San Jose Dance Theatre’s 3-Week Summer Intensive Program is June 17 to July 6, 2019. We are still accepting video auditions!

Registration and open auditions for the Summer Intensive Program were held on March 9, 2019. Video auditions are still being accepted (more details below).

Classes in the San Jose Dance Theatre Summer Intensive include:

  • Ballet Classes
  • Conditioning Classes (Pilates, Yoga, much stretching, core strength training, and teachings on injury prevention)
  • Pointe and Pre-Pointe Classes for girls
  • Men’s Class for boys
  • Pas de Deux Classes
  • Contemporary Class
  • Chinese Tumbling & Stretching
  • Labanotation
  • Ballet Education
  • Jazz
  • Acting
  • YAGP Private Coaching available
  • Repertory and rehearsals for the in-studio showing for all dancers
Summer Intensive Class Schedule: 6 hours per day, 5 days per week:

Mon, Wed. 10:15am-4:15pm
Tues., Thur., Fri. 12:00-6:00pm

Dancers will receive two short breaks and a half hour lunch in which they will be supervised. These will be long days of training and we recommend that the students rest after training and on the weekends during the Summer Intensive.

San Jose Dance Theatre will also continue weekly Open Classes for adults and Pre-Ballet, Level 1 and 2 classes (ages 4-8) throughout the summer.

Please note: Pre-Ballet, Level 1, 2 Ballet Classes and Chinese Tumbling will continue on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer. Open Classes will continue on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays throughout the summer. A Youth Summer Semester of classes Pre-Ballet through Level 6 will occur AFTER the San Jose Dance Theatre Summer Intensive in July and August.

Summer Intensive Supplies Needed:

1. A dance bag with his/her name on all belongings.
2. Plenty of water. We also have a water cooler for refills.
3. Lunch and one or two small snacks, like a power bar, fruit, or yogurt. Please feel free to use our refrigerator and microwave.
4. Medium strength theraband. Size 5.5″ X 5′ for Pilates classes and pre-pointe classes. Most dancers already have one in their ballet bag, but if not, please purchase one. We will use them to strengthen their feet for releve, jumping, pointe work, and for abdominal work and stretching in Pilates class. Write your child’s name on the theraband. You can purchase one at any ballet store or online (example here).
5. Small paper notepad and pen for taking notes on corrections from class and also new choreography.
6. Small towel.
7. For female students age 10 and up: small 2 lb. ankle weights for each leg. For male students age 12 and up: small 5 lb. ankle weights for each leg. You can purchase them at a sporting good store, Walmart, Target or online (example here).

Please refer any questions about the above information to our Artistic Director, Linda Hurkmans: [email protected], and any registration or payment questions to the front desk: [email protected].

Dress Requirements:

Females please wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes if appropriate, hair neat and secure in a ballet bun. Please no jewelry other than small earrings.

Males please wear a clean white T-shirt, black tights, dance belt, black ballet shoes. For Lyrical class and Contemporary class, males and females can wear ballet slippers, “foot undies” or go barefoot.

It is recommended that dancers bring a back up set of dance clothes in their bag, in case they need to change.

Audition Information:

Audition Video Requirements:

If a dancer cannot attend the audition in person on March 10, a video audition will be accepted.

Deadline of video audition:
March 9, 2018 at 5:00pm

The video should be posted to a private YouTube or Vimeo account and the link emailed to the Artistic Director: [email protected]

Or the video may be put onto a DVD and mailed to:

Linda Hurkmans, M.A.
Artistic Director
San Jose Dance Theatre
1756 Junction Ave. Suite E
San Jose, CA 95112


The video should be 20 minutes in duration, filming the dancer completing exercises on one side.

Barre work:
1. Plies
2. Battement tendus
3. Battement degages
4. Rond de jambe
5. Fondu
6. Frappe and petite battement
7. Pirouette or pirouette preparation
8. Jumps at the barre
9. Stretches
10. Grand battement

The student then has the choice of showing EITHER a 
11. Classical ballet solo variation OR

Center work:
11. Pirouettes
12. Adagio
13. Petite allegro (small jumps)
14. Medium allegro (medium sized jumps)

Required Audition Photos:

1. Head shot (even a picture from your phone is fine).
2. Picture of the dance in 1st Arabesque. Girls wear a spaghetti strapped leotard, pink tights, and pink soft ballet shoes. Boys wear a white t-shirt, black tights, and black soft ballet shoes.
3. Email both pictures to [email protected] and write the dancer’s name in the subject line. If you prefer to print these 2 pictures and bring them in person to the audition, that would be acceptable as well.

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