Join San Jose Dance Theatre for Summer 2022

San Jose Dance Theatre is excited to launch its 2022 Summer Intensive. The 2022 Intensive will provide focused dance training preparing students for the year ahead. This four-week program will focus three weeks on classical ballet and one week on contemporary dance for students entering levels 4, 5, and 6 and children from the community ages 12-19. We will also consider dancers joining our year round Pre-Professional Program and Traineeship with our professional ballet company. These dancers should be high school graduates and age 18+.
 A shorter Junior program is also available for three weeks for students entering level 3 and children from the community ages 8-11.
This is the perfect chance for students to refine their skills and be trained by a diverse team of industry professionals from around the world. Our 2022 program also offers housing accommodation, making it easier for students who are traveling from out of state or internationally. 
Register now for auditions on Saturday, February 12th 2022!

About San Jose Dance Theatre's Summer Intensive

San Jose Dance Theatre’s 

4-Week Senior Summer Intensive Program

June 13 to July 8, 2022 – 10am – 4pm Daily

2022 Classes in the San Jose Dance Theatre Senior Summer Intensive for students level 4+ include: Ballet, Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique, Conditioning, Pointe, Variations, Character Dance, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Chinese Tumbling, and Ballet Education. 

The first three  weeks are Classical Ballet Focused and the final week is Contemporary Dance Focus, with special guest.

Price for all 4 weeks $2100

Classical, first three weeks only $1500

Contemporary, one week $600

San Jose Dance Theatre’s 

3-Week Junior Summer Intensive Program

June 13 to July 1, 2022 – 12pm – 4pm Daily

2022 Classes in the San Jose Dance Theatre Junior Summer Intensive for students in Level 3 include: Ballet, Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique, Conditioning, Variations, Character Dance, Contemporary, Modern, Chinese Tumbling, and Ballet Education.

Price for all 3 weeks $1100

One week $400


San Jose Dance Theatre’s 2021 Summer Intensive includes special guest instructors from around the world plus the staff and company dancers of the San Jose Dance Theatre Company. 



Do you require accommodation for the 2022 Summer Intensive?

San Jose Dance Theatre encourages participants from around the world to join us for the four-week Senior Summer Intensive. This year we are partnering with various accommodation providers to facilitate accommodation for students in an easy, affordable and convenient program. The base price for accommodation for all four weeks starts at $2,240. This price is in addition to tuition, and we will have more clarity on what housing will look like in the near future. For more information on accommodation please contact [email protected] 

2022 Audition Registration 

Register now for auditions on Saturday, February 12th 2022!

Fill out the form to register for the 2022 audition. Once the form is received you will be invoiced a $25 audition fee payable prior to the audition date.

Audition details 

Where: On Zoom  (Information will be sent to you) and in person at our studio, 1756 Junction Avenue, Suite E, San Jose.

When: Saturday February 13th 2022

What to wear? Please wear ballet attire including tights, leotard, hair in a neat bun and ballet flats. If you are currently on pointe please bring pointe shoes to change into when required.

Auditions by Video

If a dancer cannot attend the Zoom audition, a video audition will be accepted. 

Register on the above form and submit the required photos and videos to [email protected] please ensure the dancers name is in the subject line. 

Submission Due Date: Friday February 11th 2022 5:00pm PST 

Audition Cost: $25

Required Photos:

Required photos of the dancer auditioning:
1. Head shot 
2. Picture of the dance in 1st Arabesque. Girls wear a spaghetti strapped leotard, pink tights, and pink soft ballet shoes. Boys wear a white t-shirt, black tights, and black soft ballet shoes.
3. Email both pictures to [email protected] and write the dancer’s name in the subject line.


Videos Audition Material:

15-20 minutes in duration that films the dancer completing exercises on one side.

Barre work:

Plies, Battement tendus,  Battement degages, Rond de jambe, Fondu, Frappe and petit battement, Pirouette or pirouette preparation, Jumps at the barre, Stretches, Grand battement

The student then has the choice of showing EITHER a

Classical Ballet Solo Variation OR Center work

Center work:

Pirouettes, Adagio, Petit Allegro (small jumps), Medium Allegro (medium sized jumps)

Pointe work:

Releves in the center, Echappes combination in the center, If advanced enough, balanes on one leg down the diagonal.

Depending on level, turns from the corner or fouettes turns in the center.

Please remember to title the video with the first and last name of the dancer.

Summer Intensive Supplies Needed 

List of supplies needed: 

  • Water bottle, please stay hydrated!
  • A Theraband that is 6″ wide and 9 feet long. (Please note if you have a smaller Theraband, we are requiring you to purchase this longer one that can be used for all Progressing Ballet Technique and Pilates classes moving forward). We will use them to strengthen feet for releve, jumping, pointe work, and for abdominal work and stretching in Pilates class. Write your dancer’s name on the Theraband
  • Small paper notepad and pen for taking notes on corrections from class and also new choreography
  • A Lacrosse ball
  • Small towel
  • For female students age 10 and up: small 2 lb. ankle weights for each leg
  • For male students age 12 and up: small 5 lb. ankle weights for each leg. You can purchase them at a sporting good store, Walmart, Target or online (example here)
  • Required for Levels 4, 5, & 6: Black character shoes and black character skirts for girls. Character shoes can be purchased at a dance store or online (example here). Boys can just wear black ballet technique shoes. The black character skirt should just cover the knees in length. This can be purchased at a dance store or online (example here).
  • Yoga Mat, example Here

Please refer any questions about the above information to our Artistic Director, Linda Hurkmans: [email protected]. For any payment questions please email [email protected]

Dress Requirements 

Females please wear a black leotard with spaghetti straps, tights, ballet slippers, pointe shoes if appropriate, hair neat and secure in a ballet bun.                Please no jewelry other than small earrings.

Males please wear a clean white T-shirt, black tights, dance belt, black ballet shoes.

Modern class: Males and females can wear ballet slippers, “foot undies” or go barefoot.

Jazz class: Dancers wear black jazz shoes.

Character Class: Females wear black character shoes and black skirt that goes to the knee. Males may wear their ballet uniform.

Pilates, PBT, Chinese Tumbling: Males and females wear their ballet uniform and may chose between wearing ballet slippers or going barefoot.

It is recommended that dancers bring a back up set of dance clothes in their bag, in case they need to change.

Tuition Fees

What are we doing to keep your children safe through the summer program?

  • We will be asking parents to fill out a health check form each day confirming their child does not exhibit symptoms of illness before allowing children into program
  • We will be asking staff to fill out a health check form each day confirming they do not exhibit symptoms of illness before coming to work.
  • We will take temperatures of all children, staff each day.
  • We will be increasing our hand washing schedule to include 20 second handwashing for all participants and staff before the program starts, between each activity, at minimum.
  • Face coverings will be asked of all staff and participants while program hours are running. They will not be allowed to enter the building without masks or face coverings.
  • We will provide signs related to healthy habits throughout the program.
  • We will be sending home guidance from the CDC regarding safe health procedures to our families during the program.
  • Social distancing will be practiced at all times – in studios and at the Barre (set up space for social distancing)
  • Groups will be limited to 10-12 students, depending on age
  • Groups will not interact with each other throughout the day
  • We will not be holding any full class activities
  • Staff will be assigned to specific groups and will not interact with other groups to the best of our ability.
  • A medical isolation space will be established for any child or staff that is feeling ill and in process to be picked up.
  • Parents will be required to arrange a pick up within 1 hour of being contacted if their child is not feeling well.
  • All activities will be individual based or adjusted for safe interactions following social distancing rules.
  • Staff will monitor health by doing visual health checks of children and staff throughout the day.
  • We have increased our cleaning schedule to wipe down surfaces throughout the day and at minimum, all surfaces will be cleaned
    • Before the program
    • Between activities
    • After pick up
  • We will minimize shared equipment as much as possible. When sharing is necessary, equipment will be cleaned between each use
  • Equipment will be assigned to a child and sanitized after use
  • Activities will be adjusted for non-touch
  • Backpacks will be kept separated from other children’s items
  • We ask that dancers come to class with no more than what they need for the day.
  • Bathrooms will be wiped down after use
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at all times
  • Gloves to be worn during cleaning