Supporting a strong community through artistic enrichment.

San Jose Dance Theatre’s outreach programs utilize our dancers to promote the art of classical and contemporary dance to local schools. Though workshops, community engagements, in school performances we support community arts engagement across the Bay Area.

We also provide Girl Scouts with dance badge opportunities, and provide free and low cost performance tickets to underserved groups in Silicon Valley.

School Workshop Program

School Performance Program

Our school & community workshop program provides the opportunity for active participation by local community members. Our staff go out into the community to deliver a variety of cultural experiences, workshops, lecture demonstrations and dance education programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The ability for community groups and schools to participate provides the opportunity to not only enrich cultural experiences for San Jose but also build potential audiences for classical arts.

A number of these experiences are utilized commonly within the industry though we encourage our staff to establish creative offerings for schools. Currently, we are utilizing the following experiences within our community engagement program:

– Tumbling Tots classes

– Ballet and Dance Play workshops

– Workshop classes with youth & school engagements 

– Nutcracker Workshops 

Program Overview

Cost – $15 per person, per class

Class Size – Minimum of 10, Maximum of 25 (More then 25 a second teacher is required.)

Class Length – 45 – 60min

Course Structure – Flexible to meet students/schools needs, run on a 10 week term basis.

For more information on our programs click below or contact [email protected]

San Jose Dance Theatre has an active approach for engaging youth through our education programs and productions throughout the local community. 

Our organization strongly believes that by doing so, San Jose Dance Theatre not only builds artistic participation but overall contributes to the growth of the dance industry in San Jose. San Jose Dance Theatre’s long term vision sees the organization become an active key figure within the San Jose’s arts community and one that works alongside other art forms to create an enriched community. 

To foster growth and interest in dance San Jose Dance Theatre is able to provide performances at local schools catering for youth audiences. Built to fit into small spaces, our artists are able to provide a 30 – 45 minute performances of a fun story ballet. 

Following the performance, students are encouraged to ask questions and learn more about what it takes to be a dancer. 

This program works closely with schools to provide an engaging first experience to the art form within the school setting. 

Program Overview

Cost – Negotiated depending on class size and location. 

Class Size – Is dependant on the capacity of your facilities.  

Performance and Q&A Length – 45 – 60min

If you would like to know more about the program or book a performance at your school please contact [email protected] for more information.