SJDT’s Artistic Director interviewed by Dance Teacher Magazine

Stolen Costumes video screenshot

Is it actually realistic to think we can expect the unexpected? That’s what dance studio owners everywhere are asking, now that COVID has upended many assumptions about disaster preparedness.

Let these four studios’ stories be an inspiration to safeguard your own dance community as much as you can from future catastrophes. 

On January 7, San Jose Dance Theatre’s artistic director Linda Hurkmans got the call from a board member. “Someone had broken into a converted medical trailer next to the studios that was housing many of our costumes,” she says. While she was teaching a virtual class, a reporter contacted her; Hurkmans rushed to the scene where she gave an interview. “They took about 100 costumes, mostly platter tutus,” Hurkmans says. “Some were legacy costumes of great sentimental value, while others were brand-new and had never been performed in.” The stolen items represented some $25,000 in materials, as well as hundreds of sewing hours.

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