Mark Your Calendar: San Francisco Movement Arts Festival at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, January 24, 2020. San Jose Dance Theatre has been invited again to perform at this beautiful festival on the The Labyrinth.

Since its inception in 2016, the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival has been promoting local movement arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. San José Dance Theatre will be one of many esteemed organizations featured, showcasing its talented ballet dancers. The organizers, BayAreaDanceWatch is celebrating four main areas of movement arts: Dance, Theater, Music & Visual Art.

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San Francisco Movement Arts Festival at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, January 19, 2018.


What you’ll see and do at the festival…

Multiple performances “Stations of the Movement,” will be going on, simultaneously, as you enter Grace Cathedral. You may stroll around and witness the movement artists. A number of stations will have multiple groups performing very short pieces, the groups will keep rotating. Each group will be presenting pieces of 4 minutes or less. This will allow audience members to see as many pieces as possible, but we encourage you not to try and see all performance pieces. Instead, witness what you can and enjoy both the artists and Grace Cathedral. It’s a festival. Organizers are bringing talented dance, theater, music and visual arts to celebrate and honor the strong and diverse SF Bay Area local art scene. There will be plenty of areas to sit and rest as you go.

Many thanks to Jim Tobin, Director San Francisco Moment Arts Festival, for this esteemed invitation to San José Dance Theatre. For more information about the festival, visit San Francisco Movement Arts Festival.

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival Turns Beautiful Cathedrals Into Stages. Interview on CBS with festival director, Jim Tobin.

The San Francisco Movement Arts Festival turned Grace Cathedral into stages. Some 120 dancers performed in the January 2017 event.

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Highlights of the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival 2017 at the Grace Cathedral.

San Francisco Movements Arts Festival 2017 Montage of Highlights from the festival at Grace Cathedral San Francisco on January 20th, 2017.

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