San Jose Dance Theatre 2017 Summer Intensive

The 2017 Summer Intensive is designed to heighten your ballet skills under the direction of San José Dance Theatre’s professional dancers and instructors. The three-week program starts on June 19 and ends July 8, 2017, at our dance studio in San José, Ca.

Whether you aspire to dance professionally or simply want to improve your skills in a friendly, nurturing environment, San José Dance Theatre’s three-week Summer Intensive Program provides comprehensive and rigorous training that significantly strengthens ballet technique within a short period of time. SJDT Summer Intensive students will experience in-depth classes in ballet, Pas de Deux, variation, Contemporary, Pilates conditioning, Yoga, Chinese Tumbling and Stretching, Men’s Class, Ballet Education, Labanotation, and Choreography.

The curriculum at San José Dance Theatre is based on the Vaganova Russian style and honors the influences of the Balanchine American and Bournonville Danish styles. San José Dance Theatre is the resident ballet company at the San José Center for the Performing Arts, annually presenting the longest running The Nutcracker in San José’s history, under the direction of Linda Hurkmans.

Why Ballet Summer Intensive?

  • Summer is an ideal time to make significant improvements in ballet.
  • Because students are not tired from a full day of school and homework, and without the added pressures present during the academic school year, dancers are very focused and ready to learn.
  • Training longer hours builds increased endurance.
  • Training in areas that dancers don’t get the opportunity to focus on within their busy academic school year.
  • When the weather outside is warm, dancer’s bodies are more pliable and flexible.
  • Summer Intensive also provides time for dancers to deepen their friendships as they encourage each other in classes and have fun during breaks.


We look forward to a wonderful summer ballet intensive filled with much progress!

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Classes in the San Jose Dance Theatre Summer Intensive will include:

  • Conditioning Classes (Pilates, Yoga, much stretching, core strength training, and teachings on injury prevention.)
  • Ballet Classes
  • Pointe and Pre-Pointe Classes for girls
  • Men’s Class for boys
  • Pas de Deux Classes
  • Contemporary Class
  • Chinese Tumbling & Stretching
  • Student Choreography
  • Labanotation
  • Ballet Education
  • Repertory and rehearsals for the in-studio showing for all dancers.


Dancers will receive 2 short breaks and ½ hour lunch in which they will be supervised. These will be long days of training and we recommend that the students get much rest after training and on the weekends during the summer intensive. Thank you.

Summer Intensive Class Schedule: 6 hours per day, 5 days per week:

Mon, Wed. 10:15am-4:15pm
Tues., Thur., Fri. 12:00-6:00pm

July 1: 12:30-2:30pm Nutcracker Workshop
Please join Linda for a Nutcracker Workshop in the Summer! Open to the Public and SJDT students can learn choreography for the Nutcracker BEFORE the Sept. 9 & 10 Audition.



Tuition Information

(No Registration Fee;
our gift to you!)
Early Bird Tuition Rate
(Pay by April 3, 2017)
Regular Tuition Rate Tuition Rate Per Week
Summer Intensive
(3 Weeks)
June 19-July 8, 2017
$1,250 $1,350 $550/week
(No Early Bird Special if paying per week)

Please note full tuition due on May 1.  No credits or refunds. Sorry, make up classes will not be given.
Acceptance Letters will be sent out on March 13.
Deposit Fee: $125 due on March 20 (non-refundable).

Dress requirements:
Females please wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes if appropriate, hair neat and secure in a ballet bun. Please no jewelry other than small earrings.

Males please wear a clean white T-shirt, black tights, dance belt, black ballet shoes. For Lyrical class and Contemporary class, males and females can wear ballet slippers, “foot undies” or go barefoot.

It is recommended that dancers bring a back up set of dance clothes in their bag, in case they need to change.

Dancers Should Bring These Items to the Summer Intensive:
1. A dance bag with his/her name on all belongings.
2. Plenty of water. We also have a water cooler for refills.
3. Lunch and one or two small snacks, like a power bar, fruit, or yogurt. Please feel free to use our refrigerator and microwave.
4. Medium strength theraband. Size 5.5″ X 5′ for Pilates classes and pre-pointe classes. Most dancers already have one in their ballet bag, but if not, please purchase one. We will use them to strengthen their feet for releve, jumping, pointe work, and for abdominal work and stretching in Pilates class. Write your child’s name on the theraband. You can purchase one at any ballet store or online (example here).
5. Small paper notepad and pen for taking notes on corrections from class and also new choreography.
6. Small towel.
7. For female students age 10 and up: small 2 lb. ankle weights for each leg. For male students age 12 and up: small 5 lb. ankle weights for each leg. You can purchase them at a sporting good store, Walmart, Target or online (example here).

Please refer any questions about the above information to our Artistic Director, Linda Hurkmans: [email protected]
Please refer any registration or payment questions to the front desk: j[email protected]

We look forward to a wonderful summer ballet intensive filled with much progress!

Important Dates:

Sunday, March 5 SJDT Summer Intensive Auditions. Register now!
Monday, March 13 Summer Intensive Acceptance Letters sent out
Monday, March 20 $125 Deposit Fee Due (non-refundable)
Monday, April 3 Early Bird tuition due (save $100 if you pay by April 3)
Monday, May 1 Summer Intensive tuition due
Saturday, July 1; 12:30-2:30pm Nutcracker Workshop, learn choreography from Artistic Director, Linda Hurkmans before The Nutcracker Auditions
Saturday, July 8; 6pm Summer Intensive In-Studio Showing with Refreshments. Come and see what we have been working on in class this summer!

Pre-Ballet, Level 1, & Level 2 classes will be ongoing June 20-Aug 12:

Tues. 5:00-5:30pm Level 1, 2 Conditioning Class
Tues. 5:30-6:45pm Level 1, 2 Ballet Class
Sat. 9:30-10:15am Pre-Ballet, Level 1 Ballet Class
Sat. 10:15-10:45am Pre-Ballet Level 1 Conditioning Class
Sat. 10:45-11:15am Level 2 Conditioning Class
Sat. 11:15am-12:30pm Level 2 Ballet Class

Linda Hurkmans’ Morning Open Ballet Classes will be ongoing June 19-July 21:

Drop in for age 12+ to adult:
Tues. 10:15-11:45am Open Class Ballet
Tues. 11:50am-12:50pm Open Class Pilates
Thurs. 10:15-11:45am Open Class Ballet
Fri. 10:15-11:45am Open Class Ballet
Fri. 12:00-1:20pm Pilates and Open Class Beginning Ballet

Open Ballet Classes San Jose Dance Theatre:

Thur. 5:45-7:15pm Open Ballet Class
Sat. 10:45am-12:15pm Open Class Ballet

There will be a 5-week Summer Session AFTER the Summer Intensive for Levels 3-6, July 10-August 12.

Levels 3 & 4: After the Summer Intensive, Levels 3 & 4 should take afternoon classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Levels 5 & 6: After the Summer Intensive, Levels 5 & 6 should take afternoon Levels 5 & 6 classes on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and are encouraged to take Linda’s Morning Open Ballet Classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Levels 5 & 6 are also allowed to take the Open Class Summer Intensive June 10-21. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Please refer any questions about the above information to our Artistic Director, Linda Hurkmans: [email protected]
Please refer any registration or payment questions to the front desk: j[email protected]


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