A Statement From San Jose Dance Theatre.

SJDT stands against racism and injustice

A Statement From San Jose Dance Theatre

Like many other organizations across America and the world, we are horrified by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others who have died or been affected by racist violence and oppression..

At San Jose Dance Theatre we are committed to creating and nurturing a school and professional community where all members of the staff and students are valued equally. We will provide training and professional contracts based on talent and potential. We are committed to being accessible regardless of cultural and economic backgrounds.

These events have highlighted the overwhelming need for reform from all areas of the global community. At San Jose Dance Theatre we have reflected at length and we acknowledge that there is more we can do to be an organization where all dancers, students and staff feel genuinely welcome. We now are reaching out to our community to ensure we can develop the best possible environment for all.

We commit today to the following actions:

  • Review of our overall access to services
  • Development of outreach programs for diverse communities
  • Establishment of scholarship program for Black and underrepresented community youths in addition to financial hardship program in place
  • Round table discussion on supporting Black and culturally diverse community members
  • Diversity monitoring for the programing of guests, speakers, choreographers and repertoire
  • Review of Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Evaluation of Board membership
  • An anonymous reporting system for instances of racist behavior
  • Training for staff

Only by open discussion, regular review and commitment will we be able to drive change within our organization and the community. The arts have the power to inform, inspire, educate and bring the community together. We strive to be an organization which leads the way in dismantling racism and inequality.

SJDT stands against racism and injustice


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