With One Prick of Her Finger!

With one prick of her finger, she will sleep for 100 years and awake to true love’s first kiss.

San Jose Dance Theatre brings the story of Sleeping Beauty to life at the Hammer Theatre Center streamed directly into your living room. The beautiful Princess Aurora is cursed by the evil Carabosse to prick her finger on her 16th birthday and die.

Luckily, the powerful Lilac Fairy intervenes and places the kingdom into a one hundred year slumber saving young Aurora. One of ballet’s most cherished and favorite stories! Don’t miss out on seeing San Jose Dance Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty streaming from June 8 – 30.

Purchase your tickets for anytime through June 8 – 30 and receive unlimited access for just $25. 

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Sleeping Beauty poster

Join San Jose Dance Theatre Sleeping Beauty. 

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A special Thank you to all that made this performance possible, including all of our board and volunteers listed below

San Jose Dance Theatre Board –

President – Ann Timoney, Vice President – Marji Karlgaard, Secretary – Elizabeth Sweeney, Treasurer – Kay Pettitt

Board Members – Lee Forbes, Stino Tapia, Brandon Lewke, Michelle Yasuda, Steve Kaplowitz.

Volunteers –

CY Tseng, Kristine Bond, Charles Ramskov, Asako Sugino, Rudy Romero, CJ Cheng, Pho Nguyen, Faustino Figueroa, James, Santiago, Frances Papapietro, Francis Leung, Laura Rafey, Meenakshi/Sridhar Raju, Xiaoyu Shen, Jenelle Romero, Natsumi Cheng, Laura Gahramat, Raimond Sinivee, Siury Pulgar, Aleksandar Sutic, Barbara Suplat, Maki Kobayashi, Cathe Sison, Trang Le, Kentaro Sugino, Danielle Wei, Anne Butte, Natalja Fedulov, Charlotte Cattivera, Natsumi Cheng, Hope Baltys, Monique Figueroa, Michelle Yasuda, Kim Gardner, Joanne Phan, Diana Taylor, Ying Dai/Jian Lin, Lucy Licea, Megan Lin, Jean Yi, Jennifer Manson, Marsha Lo/Jason Lo, Yen Chun Chen, Heather Hong, Mei Tam, George Ou, Frances Papapietro, Naomi Debord