Top 5 Reasons to Attend SJDT Summer Intensive.

San Jose Dance Theatre Summer Intensive

Open auditions for the SJDT Youth Summer Intensive Program are right around the corner and you can register online now! Why is attending the Summer Intensive so important? We’ve put together the top 5 reasons to attend:

1. School's Out for Summer!

During summer break from school, students are less stressed and don’t have to worry about rushing to ballet class after a full day of school. Without the pressure of school and homework, dancers are able to concentrate more on their ballet training and perfecting their technique. They also have more energy because they’re not staying up late to write essays and waking up early to get to class. All of this enables them to dance longer without getting as tired, and those long hours translate into progress during our 3-week program.

2. Variety of Classes

The SJDT Summer Intensive offers more than just ballet classes! Students will take daily conditioning classes like Pilates and Yoga, as well as Chinese Tumbling to help with coordination and flexibility. Learning other dance forms such as Contemporary and Jazz widens a dancer’s skill set, as does learning more about their craft through Ballet Education and Labanotation classes.

3. Different Teachers, Different Perspectives

SJDT already offers excellent teachers during the school year, but will bring in additional teaching talents for our Summer Intensive. New teachers can offer new perspectives on a common correction, and different teaching styles can help dancers better prepare for a professional career.

4. With A Little Help From Your Friends

More hours spent learning together means even deeper bonds of friendship. During the SJDT Summer Intensive, students often become even closer friends due to the longer days spent training together. The SJDT Summer Intensive is open to all students in the Bay Area, and we provide a welcoming environment to those who don’t regularly attend our school. Dancing here means not only receiving excellent training in a nurturing environment, but also making lifelong friends and memories.

5. It Keeps You Dancing!

While summer is a time to take a break from school and go on vacation, not dancing for the entire summer can be a huge setback for improvements made during the school year. Participating in the Summer Intensive will keep dancers’ bodies conditioned and ready to start fall classes with confidence. Dancers don’t want to lose all of that technique and muscle memory they’ve worked so hard to build during the year, so keep dancing and progressing by attending the SJDT Summer Intensive!

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